“I had two Reconnection Healing sessions... it has proved to be powerful beyond measure.”
— Katie

Reconnective Healing® can be a life changing experience. Described as powerful, instantaneous and lifelong, this form of healing has become the subject of much scientific research and is believed to encompass the full continuum of energy, light, and information.

A hands-off experience where light, energy and information are used to facilitate transformation, free from preconceptions and projected ideas of healing Reconnective Healing® sessions emphasize acute awareness and the art of receiving. This linking, or connecting of energies with forward motion and momentum is what we call Xccelerate your Life.

Enjoy this video from the lightning rod of Reconnective Healing®, Dr. Eric Pearl.

In his book Reconnective Healing: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, Dr. Eric Pearl describes having the meridian system in his body reconnected and thus igniting a dramatic shift in the healing of the patients in his chiropractic practice, many patients reporting spontaneous healing as well as dramatic life changes. Soon these powerful healing experiences extended beyond his patients to their loved ones, simply by virtue of interacting with this apparent healing energy.

The alignment that Dr. Pearl received has itself evolved into what is now The Reconnection® and can be experienced by anyone desiring to expand their healing potential, awareness and, often times, an acceleration of their life path.

Enjoy this video preview for the film The Living Matrix which features Dr. Eric Pearl, to see what is possible with these transformative frequencies.

PSYCH-K® is a simple and direct way to change self-limiting beliefs at the subconscious level of the mind, where nearly all human behavior originates. The ability to connect the layers of the mind and integrate information between your conscious desires and your subconscious operating system is facilitated perfectly in what are referred to as balances, bringing the mind into balance so that you experience your full creative potential.

True to the TCAM mission, PSYCH-K® is exceptional, and exceptionally fast, at facilitating life transformation by bringing the mind into balance so that you experience your full creative potential.

Hear from Rob Williams, the original PSYCH-K® facilitator about why these balances work.

In the original Superman comic series Clark Kent would enter a phone booth, close the door, and then emerge as the transformed superhero Superman. Imagine there were a magical chamber that you could enter into and upon exiting, you would ‘be’ the xccelerated, transformed superhero version of yourself. Meet AromaDome, a virtually instantaneous way to transform one state of being to another.

Essential oil therapy, also commonly known as a aromatherapy, is well recognized for it’s healing qualities for physical and emotional states. We see all states of being as you. We neither treat, diagnose or cure any ‘thing’. Rather, we provide you the tools and the environment, in this case the AromaDome, to enter your own cocoon in one state and emerge a butterfly. Beyond inhalation, consider this saturation. Your breath and every tissue the oils contact becomes saturated with their essence. This is truly xccelerated aromatherapy.