“I feel stronger, more flexible, and have better balance...”
— Beryl

Power Plate is the tool that anyone who wants to experience unparalleled results in a fraction of the time gets on. Stand, squat, push-up or Founder on Power Plates gets you results faster. Many people accept that they use only a fraction of their brain's potential but most don't realize they are likely operating with the same kind of minimal muscle output when performing traditional exercises, no matter how hard you try. The answer lies in your autonomic nervous system.

Power Plate is the solution. Activate and recondition your vital neuromuscular patterns the way you did when you were a child. Fast, effective, responsive. Now you can recruit that level of muscle activation while virtually standing still. High volume/ low duration classes mean most are only 25 minutes long. Begin, and never stop.


Our studio was chosen as the first official WaffStudio in the US, bringing this extraordinary tool to LA. Not only do we use this tool with all of our one-on-one sessions, we have created two group class experiences, activation and deActivation.

What is it? At first glance a Waff appears like just an ordinary inflatable cushion, however, as the saying goes, the devil is in the details.

Designed using 3D technology, Waffs utilize a regenerating shape that literally feeds energy and information back to your body as you train. Whether standing, sitting, lying or balancing, Waffs use specific materials to create the optimal environment for your body to learn, change and improve.

Just ask LeBron James whose Waff training session was posted online.

Waffs are incredibly challenging training tools and also, the waff max, creates a deeply relaxing environment for recovery and meditation. In order to share all these benefits we created two completely different Waff classes.

Activation, our training class, will make use of both the mini and medium sized Waffs, each an entirely different challenge.

Our recovery class, deActivation, is the closest experience to a float tank you can get without water, or claustrophobia. You will effortlessly achieve deep mental and physical relaxation.

With only 6 people per class, you’ll love the experience. Check out the class schedule page for availability.

Check out this video preview of a Waff in action.

“Last week I was in almost zero pain for the entire week. In my life – that is pretty much unheard of.”
— Emily

Foundation Training is the system that anyone and everyone can learn and utilize from first introduction. A self-empowerment tool that is refined, practical and highly effective. No complicated choreography, no long lists of exercises or equipment to acquire. Just your body, as it was designed to work as chains of muscles working together rather than muscles working in isolation. Everyone deserves that kind of power.

Internet health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola states in his “Four Core Exercises You Must Know” article:

"I believe Foundation Training may offer the best of all worlds in terms of building a strong core, eliminating back pain, and promoting optimal health that goes beyond fitness. It also decreases your risk of exercise injury."

Creator and original founder Dr. Eric Goodman shares his passion for Foundation Training.

While many facilities and methods claim whole body training, the most commonly undertrained system of our bodies is absolutely one of the most important; our bones. Physics illuminates the force requirements for proper bone development, something easily achieved when we are in child bodies, with a child’s body weight, but is almost universally ignored in adulthood, even in the best of muscle and fitness training programs.

Meet bioDensity, the most advanced bone training device in the world and with only four exercises, performed for 5 seconds each, one time a week, bioDensity exemplifies our motto Results. Faster. TCAM is one of only three locations in all of LA to house this amazing technology. One workout a week, completed in under 15 minutes results in increases of force production in the 100s to 1000s %. Anyone dedicated to their fitness as health cannot afford to miss bioDensity sessions. This is training for the new millennium.

Redefining flexibility and stretching, Xccelerated Stretching shares the insights of Bob Cooley and his body of work called The Genius of Flexibility combined with a systematic stretching series that has successfully lengthened and strengthened the long, lithe bodies of professional dancers. In his two books on the subject Bob Cooley shares his in-depth exploration of the role of fascia in stretching, almost never discussed in traditional stretching methods, as well as the finer, non-local overlay of the meridian system, most commonly associated with various styles of acupuncture.

An Xccelerated Stretching class explore all of these concepts in a clear 16 stretch series designed to address each area, meridian line, fascial line and more. Members will learn how to sense the difference between resistance and strength as well as tension and tightness, concepts almost universally used synonymously. Once you discover the power and strength that come from true flexibility, as opposed to range of motion, Xccelerated stretching will become your new go-to class. Also available are personal stretch sessions where one or more trainers assist you in much deeper strengthening stretches, an experience anyone with a goal of significant power, chronic injury recovery, including scar tissue or pain, should explore.

Used popularly in dermatology, dentistry, ophthalmology, pain management and surgeries of all kinds, light creates change in the body. At The Chad Allen Method we use it to xccelerate transformation.

Schedule before or after a training session to achieve deep relaxation, revitalize, or xccelerate performance and recovery times in only 20 minutes. We invite you to "lighten up" and enjoy the transformational power of light.

Enjoy Dr. Saputo's brief description of two of the light spectrums we utilize at TCAM: